Best Debate Topics Ideas

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If you are a teacher or the leader of a debate club, then the task of coming up with debate topics ideas is yours alone. Finding people who feel passionately one way or the other about your topic is going to be difficult. If you are in a teaching position then you have the benefit of sending your students away to do some research first. If this is the case then all you need to do is find debate topic ideas that are not too complex for your students, and preferably ones that they can research easily.

The teacher is able to see what a child understood

Debate allows people to question the things that they have seen and/or understood. This will then allow the teacher the chance to see which parts the child may have misunderstood or missed. If a student takes the reins and makes debate arguments that are incorrect, or off the point, then the teacher can take this as an indication that the student in question did not understand the subject matter.

Debates are a good way of understanding a certain topic

When students debate a topic then they are calling upon their own research and knowledge. When they debate the topic, they are giving the audience the benefit of their research and knowledge. In a sense, when the two parties argue that they are actually educating each other on the subject in hand.

Debating may help a person develops their personality

A large part of the debating process is down to persuasion, and persuasion takes quite a few ingredients such as quick wit and charisma. When a person Debates they are also forced into the process of developing their charisma and charm in a way that helps to cultivate a persuasive personality. That is why debating is actually a good way of developing a person’s personality.

Debate Topics Ideas:

1. The universe cannot exist unless we are here to experience it
2. Human consciousness changes the nature of physical law
3. Time does not exist
4. Computers will one day become self-aware
5. Aliens have already visited us in the past
6. Coastal areas will be swept away in less than 50 years due to rising sea levels
7. The moon landings were a hoax
8. Cancer will never be cured
9. Area 51 has aliens
10. The Patriot Act is a force for good
11. The fine-tuning of the universe is proof of God
12. What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object?
13. Can quantum mechanics be visualized?
14. The Standard Model is incomplete
15. Cloned meats should be banned
16. Designer babies will be commonplace in the future
17. Who should get to be the first couple on Mars?
18. It is the best idea to send a married couple to Mars
19. Capitalism is better than Communism
20. Life came to Earth on an asteroid VS Life evolved independently on Earth
21. Living on Mars plausible that within our lifetime
22. Mankind should adopt Africans as the global language
23. Europa holds the best chance of life in the Solar System
24. Ion propulsion is the best method of interstellar travel
25. Cheap clothes made with child labor should be banned
26. The Artic will completely melt during the summer within 5 years
27. Nations should make all packaging recyclable
28. We will reach the climate change ‘tipping point’ within 10 years
29. Moore’s law is beginning to break
30. Mankind is becoming less intelligent
31. Female bullying is worse than male bullying
32. Celebrities make good role models
33. Competition in schools is too high
34. Human consciousness will one day be stored on computers
35. Dark galaxies are responsible for dark matter
36. Is scientific progress a force for good?
37. Should the government control the media?
38. Google is not a search engine; it is a content distribution company
39. Smoking should be banned in all public places
40. Sex education is not necessary in schools
41. There should be more investment into nuclear energy
42. ‘the forbidden experiment’ should be conducted
43. Single sex schools are better than mixed schools
44. Physical punishment should be reintroduced in schools
45. Who you know always beats what you know
46. There is no such thing as a plutonic relationships
47. The banking method of education is flawed
48. Humans are no longer evolving
49. Nash Equilibrium protects us from nuclear war
50. Cell phones increase the risk of cancer
51. ‘Artificial’ foods are the way of the future
52. Alternative medicine should be outlawed
53. Homeland Security is more important than civil liberty
54. Recycling is bad for the economy
55. There is a link between birth order and intelligence
56. Artificial intelligence will mean we no longer have to work in the future
57. There is evidence for intelligent design
58. Organ donation should be mandatory
59. The war in Iraq was based on corporate interest
60. Prejudice is an inherent human trait

Best Debate Topics Ideas
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