Compare and contrast essay topics

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In this article, you can see very detailed thought processes that should go into your topic choosing exercise. This is not your average tip-based article, this is a well-defined review of the thought processes you should follow in order to pick a topic that is not tired, that is not too original, and that is going to make your essay-writing job a lot easier. The aim of picking your own topic is to allow you to write an essay to demonstrate your knowledge, to write an essay that is easy to research, and to write an essay that will get you better marks (without boring the pants off your professor).

Do not be too original with your topic choice – just don’t be predictable

Choosing to write about if a plant has a soul is too original, but do not be predictable either. The “don’t be too original rule” applies to more than just choosing essay topics. Here is how and why you shouldn’t be too original:

When most beta males approach a beautiful woman they will try to be original. They try to be original because they know the woman is often approached and has heard all the lines. However, most beautiful woman say they hear the same old crap over and over again, and this is because by trying to be “original” the men are actually doing the same as all other men that ever approached her. She is sick of phony insults to get her attention, or “Don’t I know you?” lines, or “Can you help me?” lines. She is sick of “I’m doing a survey” routines or “Watch my drink please” routines.

How does this apply to your essay? By “trying” to original, you are actually doing what hundreds of students have done before you. A confident guy that enjoys dating will open his conversation with the beautiful woman with “hi.” It doesn’t seem original, but you can guarantee the beautiful woman does not get many, “hi” openers unless they are followed with a tired line. You can be original and still color within the lines. It is possible pick a good topic that is not too original and do it without being predictable and boring. Here are some examples to help you:

Compare and contrast Protestantism with Catholicism

Too original (ergo not an original at all)
Compare and contrast fundamentalist violence with Protestantism and Catholicism

Compare and contrast Protestant priorities with Catholic priorities

Compare and contrast single parent families with married couple families

Too original (ergo not at original at all)
Compare and contrast murder rates between single parent children and married couple children

Compare and contrast a child’s feelings toward capital punishment between single parent families and married couple families.

Predictable, too original, okay

Look at the predictable essay topics listed above. They are the same topics you find on the Internet, and they do not look very interesting to read. Would you want to read comparisons between Protestants and Catholics, or single and married parents?

On the other hand, the topics that are too original may seem as if they have never been written about before, but you can bet your bottom dollar that hundreds of students have written similar essays before, they are just not on the Internet because they are not as groundbreaking (or interesting) as the student thinks.

In typical goldilocks fashion, it is the third option in the examples that is the best. Both of the “okay” examples are still within the realms of a typical essay but they are still interesting. If you are having trouble finding a topic that you could classify as “okay,” then look up a tired and predictable essay topic. Now brainstorm a few ideas about it and break them down into subject. Pick one of those subject and you have your topic. Here is how you may do it.

Compare and contrast small businesses with corporations

Smalls businesses pick up the corporations scraps
Small businesses can take more risks
Small businesses are more flexible
Corporations have bigger budgets
Corporations have more manpower/talent

Now pick a smaller subject for your topic
Compare and contrast risk assessment strategies for a smaller business

Notice how the chosen topic is still not overly original but still interesting enough to write an essay about. Plus, you are not being too original so there is plenty of research you can look up and plenty of room to show off your personal knowledge and all you have learned in class.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

1. The Difference Between Catholicism and Protestantism
2. What are the differences between basketball and netball
3. Kitting v Crochet
4. Which left the most memorable legacy: The words or actions of George W Bush?
5. Wildlife Diversity: The Great Barrier Reef v The Amazon Rainforest
6. Hitler’s Fascism v Stalin’s Communism: Which was more evil?
7. Why someone would be a Francophile versus being an Anglophile.
8. Modern Day Jihad v the Medieval Crusades
9. Circuses v Zoos
10. Radiation v radioactivity
11. Kosher Diet v Halal Diet
12. Anorexia and Bulimia
13. Examine the differences between the architectural styles of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Bauhaus Movement
14. Explain for profit and not-for profit organizations
15. A good boss v a bad boss
16. The differences between American football and rugby union
17. Twilight v Harry Potter
18. Describe the nuances between Latino and Hispanic as an ethnic classification
19. Meal etiquette in China v meal etiquette in the US
20. The Olympics v The Commonwealth Games
21. Explain the differences between the Impressionist and the Post-Impressionists
22. How does a Galileo thermometer work compared to a mercury thermometer
23. Alternative Energy Sources: Wind Power v Hydro power
24. Explain the phrase “as different as chalk and cheese”
25. Why a dog is a better pet than a cat
26. Private v public transport
27. Discuss industrial glass making v blown glass
28. Compare the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie with the TV series
29. Abortion v adoption
30. Compare the theories of Darwin with the Bible
31. Fahrenheit 451 v 1984
32. Explain the differences between a squid and an octopus
33. What is an Electron v what is a neutron
34. British Imperialism v German Colonialism
35. Lands of Sun and Ice and Fire: Hawaii v Iceland
36. Pigeons and rats are both vermin: Which is worse?
37. Examine why Chaucer and Shakespeare were “of their time”
38. Explain the key differences between The Voice and American Idol
39. Which dances are Latin dances v classic ballroom dances
40. Which is easier to grow commercially – bananas or pineapples?
41. Terriers v gun dogs
42. Explain ivory carving in comparison to scrimshaw
43. The pros and cons of owning a house v renting
44. Compare the Diary of Anne Frank and the Diaries of Samuel Pepys
45. What is bone china and how does it differ from delft?
46. Compare and contrast cameo carving with intaglio carving
47. The military styles of Napoleon Bonaparte and The Duke of Wellington
48. The artistry of Stan Lee v Josh Whedon
49. Pointillism v impressionism
50. Navigation: the astrolabe v John Harrison’s longitudinal watch

Compare and contrast essay topics
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