Controversial Debate Topics

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Controversial debate topics are the easiest to debate, because people tend to be very split on the subject. Many debate topics will produce people who are “grey” on a subject (also known as on the fence). For many debate topics, you will find people who may even have taken a side, but are not very opposed to different opinions. When it comes to controversial debate topics you will find that most people have very strong beliefs, and that they will defend their beliefs passionately (even violently) if they are questioned. Similar has been known to happen for current debate topics when they relate to politics or foreign policy.

A controversial topic can expose things that were otherwise unthought-of

Sometimes when a controversial topic is debated, the strong and passionate feelings of one side may be explained to the other. For example, some people have strong feelings for and against the use of torture for persuasion. During the debate there may be a side who believes that torture is a valuable persuasion tool when it comes to interrogation. The opposing side may find this opinion abhorrent, yet it has recently been made public that the whereabouts of Osama bin laden was obtained through torture during interrogation. A debate on the subject that brings out this point may help to show the opposing sides that a person’s beliefs in torture is not based on ignorance.

The debate could then move on to the question of whether torture could have been replaced by another equally effective interrogation tool. By discussing the controversial topic in the example just given, the argument has progressed from mere morality, to morality and practical application alternatives. Without debating controversial topics such as this, we can never hope to move forward as a society. Without debating controversial issues we are passively allowing them to continue occurring.

60 Controversial Debate Topics:

1. Should a country be able to detain and arrest a foreign state official?
2. Are secret courts the best option?
3. Are opponents of abortion deluded?
4. Should obese people be forced to pay for their own care?
5. Should alcoholics be forced to pay for their own care?
6. Should rapists be sterilised following a successful prosecution?
7. Is it wrong for politicians to have second incomes?
8. Is democracy an outdated and slow political system?
9. Should we sacrifice personal freedom for the sake of national security?
10. Terrorists are only retaliating to foreign invasion.
11. Should scientific experiments be above the law?
12. Is it time to implement a ‘one child’ policy on a global scale?
13. Should we stop trying to cure world hunger to deal with overpopulation?
14. Is the minimum wage too high?
15. Welfare is wrong and should be abolished.
16. America is the source of the world’s problems.
17. If gay couples can have intimate relationships, should they be able to marry?
18. Homosexuality is unnatural and should be illegal.
19. Some races are genetically stronger than others.
20. Should joining the army be a legal requirement?
21. Should violent video games be banned?
22. Do we need to start implementing compulsory exercise programs for adults and children?
23. Do employers need the right to sack employees who fall pregnant?
24. There’s too much emotion in our lives.
25. Emotion should never influence political decisions.
26. College students should be forced to do twelve months of voluntary work before enrolling.
27. We need to become more individualistic in order to advance society.
28. The monarchy is an outdated entity and should be abolished.
29. All people should have exactly the same rights in all areas of life.
30. Corporal punishment instils discipline and is a vital part of society.
31. Capital punishment is the only option for the worst criminals.
32. Parliament is a superior form of government to the presidential system.
33. All industries should have the right to call a strike.
34. Trade unions should be abolished.
35. Socialism is an idealistic system which doesn’t work in practice.
36. Most economic reforms don’t take into account the working class.
37. The social class system is an important part of society.
38. Military strength is the only way to protect ourselves.
39. The role of the parent is diminishing in favour of social media.
40. Female sportspeople shouldn’t be paid the same as male sportspeople.
41. Money is the only motivator for people in terrible jobs.
42. The Olympics is nothing more than a commercial entity. It isn’t about sports any longer.
43. Arranged marriages should be legal in order to please certain faiths and cultures.
44. Religion has no place in a 21st century society.
45. There’s no such thing as job security in the modern working world.
46. Employers don’t have enough power to control their workforces.
47. Should we make eating meat illegal?
48. If we can eat pigs and sheep, why can’t we eat dogs and cats?
49. The Middle East is an unstable region which the West can never address.
50. The Indian Caste System is unfairly discriminatory.
51. Is South America steadily becoming the dominant region in the world?
52. It’s impossible to completely eliminate poverty.
53. With nearly everyone owning a TV it only makes sense to eliminate the radio.
54. Humans are still as callous and brutal as they were 500 years ago.
55. Are all political issues controlled by economic issues?
56. Do humans truly care about their fellow human beings?
57. We should selectively breed humans to ensure we remove genetic diseases from our society.
58. Mothers are better fathers than men.
59. Modern art is a joke and highlights a complete decline in skill.
60. Social media is too influential in the world of today.

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