Debatable research topics

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A research topic is probably the best type of topic to debate. Many Debatable research topics are born through the fact that people have to conduct the research itself. During the research there are going to be anomalies that may fuel a debate. Research will also give somebody a foundation for his or her argument. A debater is able to voice an opinion that is backed by research, instead of being backed by just logic and reason. Research topics also help people who have good analysis skills, since the conclusion that people reach is going to be based upon some form of analysis. This means that a debater can argue against a person’s opinion/argument, and the means by which they came to their opinion/argument (i.e. their analysis skills).

Research topics allow people to continue learning

When a person is forced to research the topic they intend to debate, then they are able to continue learning about a topic. They are able to attend workshops and read relevant material. Even when they practice debating, they are actually solidifying their memory of the material in their own mind.

Research topics are good for group work

People are able to delegate certain research tasks. When the work is done they are then able to regroup and lay down arguments amongst themselves. Their research topic is debated amongst their own little group, and is developed prior to the actual debate. This makes for much stronger debate arguments, and makes for far better debates as a whole.

Teamwork can become key to a debates success

When a person is asked to participate in a debate then they are left to their own devices, but when two or more groups are asked to debate, then the winning team will be the one that works best as a group. Research topics that are covered in groups will help to teach people about the importance of teamwork.

60 Debatable research topics:

1. DNA evidence provides incontrovertible proof of criminal activity
2. Liberties should be subverted to reduce domestic violence
3. Cyber-crime and protection should be taught in schools
4. Scrapping the minimum wage will increase employment
5. Scrapping the minimum wage will support the US economy
6. America is viewed with hatred by the peoples of developing nations
7. There is a link between video games and violence
8. Ritalin should be banned
9. Illegal immigration has a negative economic impact
10. News programming should not be politically orientated
11. Severe gun control laws should be implemented
12. Illegal immigration has a positive social impact
13. School performance should not determine the level of funding
14. New policies should be introduced to limit automatic weapons
15. The media is changing attitudes towards relationships and sex
16. More should be done to increase date rape convictions
17. Campus and workplace security should be heightened with safety checkpoints
18. Stem cell research is very important for future healthcare
19. Political lobbying as at the center of political immobility
20. Atmospheric control investment to combat global warming
21. The Earth’s geomagnetic field will change polarity in the future
22. Funding should increase to detect small near Earth objects
23. Social media is an economic bubble
24. Is there a relationship between illegal immigration and crime?
25. The Siberian Tundra will soon begin to melt
26. Quantum computing will be available in the future
27. Metal competence should be taken into account for criminal trials
28. The No Child Left Behind Act has been a success
29. Globalization increases the threat of pandemics and epidemics
30. We are living in an age of mass extinction
31. The significance of new religious movements
32. The internet is changing the way humans store and recall information
33. Affirmative action has had a positive impact over the last decade
34. Education should be adapted to suit differences in gender
35. Drilling will continue for as long as there is oil available
36. Childhood depression is now a major concern
37. Fossils provide evidence for macroevolution
38. The Intelligence Quotient is not an accurate system
39. The advantages of genetic testing outweigh the disadvantages
40. End-of life care is ignored by the general public
41. Vouchers and charter schools will be good for the economy
42. Standardized tests improve educational standards
43. The link between gambling and criminal activity
44. The positive social aspects of gambling versus the side effects
45. The legitimacy of medical marijuana
46. The link between cell phones and car accidents
47. Creative Commons and the music industry
48. Speculation and stock prices
49. The case for mandatory English/Spanish bilingual education
50. Internet dependency as a medical issue
51. Ocean exploration and deep sea drilling
52. Is there a link between vaccines and autism?
53. The evidence against intelligent design in human biology
54. Waiting lists for organ donation and preventable deaths
55. Evidence for evolution in action
56. Did Homo Sapiens breed with Neanderthals?
57. Creationist theory is a relic and should not be taught in schools
58. Possible techniques in gathering evidence for random mutation
59. Search engine rankings and business marketing
60. International collaboration is the key to space exploration

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