Debate and debate topics

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Debating it part of the learning process and is actually a great part of a Western Democracy. No democracy has ever been perfect. Even in America with the first George Bush Jr election placing the losing candidate in power, or the British system that makes a House of Lords (typically wealthy people) are responsible for letting the laws of the country pass through. We in the west are allowed to question, debate and even protest these things, whereas in third world countries, Arab countries and Asian countries without democracy, simply commenting on certain matters results in prison time (or worse).

Whilst we have debate, we still have some freedom

Western freedom may be eroding a little more every year, but whilst we are able to question and debate the actions of our leaders, we still have freedom, and it is the freedom of debate that has allowed western countries to change and grow over the years.

Debate has produced a few benefits over time

The civil rights movement, women’s rights and gay rights may have all started with some form of injustice, but they were all solved through rigorous debate. They were not solved though a change of government, a revolution or a war. They were solved with one side debating with another, and gaining enough supporters to change public opinion as a whole.

Finding topics to debate is hard

When a person is in school or college, they may find it hard to come up with debatable topics. This is not because there are no good debate topics. It is because to debate a topic you need to find something that your group knows well, and then find a topic where two sections of the group are opposed. This is often a difficult task.

Knowing the topic well is key to a good debate

An opinion is only worth as much as you pay for it, and since people tend to give theirs away for free, you can imagine how hard it is debating topics with people. Lots of people have an opinion on debate topics, but if they do not know the subject matter very well then the debate is not likely to produce any good arguments.

There are two ways to find a good debate

You can either find a debate topic that your group knows very well, or you can come up with a debate topic and then search out a group of people who know the subject matter. Sometimes you have to educate the group you are in, but the debate process sometimes helps you to educate people. Sometimes the debate process will occur naturally as you try to teach people something and they question your teaching.

Many of the big changes in our country have come through people highlighting a problem and then educating people on the problem. Once the problem was exposed, there were enough people who understood the subject matter, which meant that debate could then ensue. This process took a long time, but without debate and the freedom to debate, the changes would not have happened at all.

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