Debate topics for kids

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There is no need to expose children to the aggressive side of passionate debates, but it is a good idea to expose them to the concept of debate at an early age. As children grow and their minds develop, they will discover higher brain functions such as reasoning, empathy and understanding. They are still easy to manipulate as children, but if you teach them how to debate, to reason and to question, it will stand them in good stead for the future.

Children are forced to question the material that they are taught

When a child is taught how to debate with debate topics for kids, and then asked to participate in debate, the child has to use skills that he or she has not yet honed. As a byproduct, these skills will carry over into real life. A child will learn to question the things that they are taught, which will help them to develop their understanding of the things that they are taught. As the larger consequence, a child will also lead to question the things that he or she sees around him or her. The child will learn to question the things that people tell him of her, and may even learn to question their own motivations for doing the things that they do. In other words, the child learns how to be a better rounded and well-adjusted adult.

A child learns to create assumptions based on reasoning

Teaching a child to debate will also teach a child how to reason, and reasoning is all part of being a grown up. It teaches that helps to question what he or she believes themselves. On a slightly sad note, this means that notions such as Santa (known as Father Christmas in Britain), the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy will be called into question.

1. Are we reincarnated as an animal after death?
2. Will the world end in the next five years?
3. Will nuclear weapons eventually cause the downfall of humanity?
4. Uniform is a bad idea.
5. Are vampire bats really just descendants of Count Dracula?
6. Social media is beneficial for making friends.
7. Online gaming is a crucial learning tool.
8. Are all relationships between young people destined to end?
9. Is human cloning a good idea?
10. Video games are good for improving your hand-eye coordination.
11. Parents should never ask their children to complete chores.
12. Pocket money is an outdated concept.
13. God is real, he just chooses not to show himself.
14. Women are superior to men.
15. You can do anything you want to do.
16. Capital punishment discourages other criminals from harming people.
17. Non-renewable energy is humanity’s biggest threat.
18. Is the war on terror vital to America’s survival?
19. Beauty pageants help children with their self-esteem.
20. Privacy is just as important for children as it is adults.
21. You should be able to buy anything you want with your own money.
22. Marriage is a bad idea because it just causes problems.
23. Men should be able to have as many wives as they want.
24. Should families be allowed to have lots of children?
25. Large peer groups are better than small peer groups.
26. Children should be able to sack teachers they don’t like.
27. Homework doesn’t help children learn.
28. Teachers should find alternatives to formal exams.
29. Walt Disney is the William Shakespeare of the modern world.
30. Junk food is ok in moderation.
31. Smoking is bad and should be illegal.
32. Is it better to be strong or smart?
33. Is it ok to break the law in some cases?
34. Children should be able to skip the subjects they don’t like.
35. Adults don’t treat children with enough respect.
36. When should people be allowed to start consuming alcohol, and why?
37. The Republicans and Democrat should each have alternating terms in government.
38. Age ratings on movies don’t work.
39. Do teachers need to use more ways in which to teach children?
40. Private schools offer a better education than public schools.
41. Are we alone in the universe?
42. Should we enlarge the NASA space exploration program?
43. Will robots replace us?
44. Can machines become self-aware?
45. Is the Super Bowl or Olympics more important?
46. Animals should have the same rights as humans.
47. It should be a legal right for a child to have their own room.
48. The state should provide sponsored holidays for children each year.
49. Music allows us to express our individuality.
50. Children should be allowed to get tattoos.
51. Schools should specialize in male and female pupils.
52. Is it wrong to bully someone?
53. Is peer pressure a good or bad thing?
54. Schools should have more hours for sports.
55. Schools need to start serving both breakfast and dinner.
56. Zoos are ethically wrong because it deprives the animals of their freedom.
57. Some animals should be allowed to go extinct.
58. Schools should teach children based on race.
59. Is television or books a better method of entertainment?
60. All of America’s wars have been justified.

Debate topics for kids
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