Debate topics for middle school

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Middle school is a time when children start peering into the world of adults. They are not even close to being mature enough to understand the adult world, but part of the process will involve debate. They are at an age where it is dangerous to accept everything you are told without question. Teaching a child how to debate will help him or her into a well-rounded and thoughtful adult. It will teach him or her to question the motivation, actions and words of his or her classmates.

Children are forced to learn a topic so that they can defend it

When a child in middle school is asked to participate in a debate with debate topics for middle school, then he or she is going to have to learn at least part of the problem/material if the child wishes to take a stance upon the topic. Holding the occasional debate and forcing children to take part in it will mean that they are also forced to learn that the relevant material needed. If they do not then the teacher can punish the child accordingly.

Holding debates can humiliate a child into learning

Though humiliating a child in any sense of the word is a bad thing, a little bit of embarrassment is a good motivator for children who seem dead set against learning anything in class. When the time for debate topics for middle school rolls around, and a troubled child has not put the effort in, then that child is forced to stand up in front of his or her classmates and demonstrate his or her ignorance. Where in many cases this may be seen as “cool”, in the case of a debate there is little room for maneuver. In other words, the child is forced to accept the embarrassment and learn from the situation so that next time when there is a debate the child will be better prepared.

Debate topics for middle school:

1. Has the media inadvertently caused an increase in criminal cases amongst juveniles?
2. We can’t keep using plastic bags due to their damage to the environment.
3. Uniforms are vital for promoting a good learning environment.
4. Having uniforms saves money for parents.
5. Gay marriage is wrong and unnatural.
6. The government has no right to redefine the definition of marriage.
7. Music and art should have more prominent roles in middle school.
8. Single sex classrooms are better in middle school.
9. Do social networking websites have a place in education?
10. Should middle school students have access to online chat rooms?
11. Should middle school education include more online work?
12. Vegetarianism is the ultimate form of health.
13. Veganism is unhealthy for the human body.
14. Humans weren’t meant to eat meat.
15. Censorship is important for safeguarding students.
16. The death penalty is a brutal and inhumane punishment.
17. Teen pregnancy should be a criminal offense.
18. We should teach sex education from the age of 10.
19. Does the Western world need to switch to renewable energy?
20. Global warming is a myth.
21. America’s power is waning in the face of China.
22. Outsourcing is un-American and is hurting the economy.
23. The Iraq War was an unjustified conflict.
24. America has no reason in the modern world to continue isolating Cuba.
25. Guantanamo Bay is an unjust facility.
26. America should allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
27. Should the UN make nuclear weapons illegal?
28. Is Obama the greatest president of the last 200 years?
29. Has the recession caused the United States to lose its position as the strongest position in the world?
30. Is the West too focused on consumer items?
31. All middle school students should be encouraged to take up a part-time job.
32. Santa Claus is a real person.
33. What’s the best example of children’s literature in the 21st century?
34. Middle schools should focus on practical experience over theory.
35. Teachers need to be more receptive to children.
36. Parents never accept when they’re wrong.
37. Make-up should be banned in schools.
38. Do companies have the right to market their products to children?
39. Guest speakers are far more effective than school teachers.
40. Is it better to be good looking or intelligent?
41. Peer pressure is wrong and should be discouraged in schools.
42. Money can motivate a child to greater heights.
43. The government should allow students to enter the world of work after middle school.
44. Homework isn’t an effective way of teaching children.
45. Formal examinations are nothing but a relic of the past.
46. Working in a classroom stops students from being creative.
47. It’s better to make friends with one’s own gender.
48. Is it better to become famous or to just be happy?
49. Do teachers hold all the answers?
50. Does the soul exist?
51. If someone dies they’re reincarnated as an animal.
52. Does the way we live our lives effect where we go when we die?
53. Should vitamin supplements appear in schools?
54. Does the school need to rigidly control the meals served in schools?
55. Middle school should be combined with high school.
56. The school leaving age should be reduced to 14.
57. Class sizes should be smaller.
58. Homeschooling is a better option than public schooling.
59. The American education is the best education system in the world.
60. Foreign aid is the best way to improve national security.

Debate topics for middle school
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