Presidential Debate Topics Read more

Presidential Debate Topics

People will vote for a politician based upon his character or his policies. In an ideal world, we would like to vote for both, but in many cases, we cannot. People vote for character because we cannot predict the future. If you vote for someone’s character then you are saying, “I believe that the choices […]

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What is an LD Debate Topic?

An LD debate topic is what they call a Lincoln–Douglas debate topic. The debate is often more along the lines of values than it is on hard evidence or research. This is because some debates cannot be undertaken if a person needs to rely on research, because things such as morals, ethics and feelings are […]

Best Debate Topics Ideas Read more

Best Debate Topics Ideas

If you are a teacher or the leader of a debate club, then the task of coming up with debate topics ideas is yours alone. Finding people who feel passionately one way or the other about your topic is going to be difficult. If you are in a teaching position then you have the benefit […]

Controversial Debate Topics Read more

Controversial Debate Topics

Controversial debate topics are the easiest to debate, because people tend to be very split on the subject. Many debate topics will produce people who are “grey” on a subject (also known as on the fence). For many debate topics, you will find people who may even have taken a side, but are not very […]

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Political Debate Topics

Political debates can be undertaken by anybody, from the academically gifted, to the dumb and ignorant. The truth is that anybody should be able to debate politics. If we leave it up to scholars or people study politics, then we leave ourselves open for manipulation. The opinion of the ignorant may be less valid that […]

How to choose the debate topic that will engage your students Read more

How to choose the debate topic that will engage your students

Sometimes choosing a debate topic is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of things when it comes to your students, and this article covers a few of them for you. You should also remember that the debate should engage the students in some way. Doing this will make your job easier […]

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Why we use College debate topics

By the time a person reaches college, he or she should be accustomed to debating. We are not all fantastic at debating, but by college it is expected that a person is able to form an opinion and defend it. College debate topics move away from simple argument vs. argument, and into territory of persuasion. […]