Expository essay topics

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Think of an expository essay as an investigation. They are often used in the business world to check the feasibility of an idea. For example, a software company may decide to commission a new piece of software but first have to see if it is going to be possible within the boundaries of their own technology, budget and talent, and within the feasibility study you will often find an expository essay.

Be very wary of picking a topic from the Internet

To start with, if you are looking at the Internet then you are looking at the same thing that millions of other students have looked at. This means there is nothing on there that could be considered original. If you change the topic substantially then it may be considered original, but as a rule be wary of picking topics from the Internet.

Can you make a topic that revolves around a textbook chapter?

It is not the most original idea in the world, and it is quite predictable, but at least you know what sort of research you have to do, and at least you know there are some good sources of research you can reference. Another little perk of www.hot-essay that revolves around a textbook chapter is that it also acts as revision. It is easier to remember things you have written essays about.

Do not bore your professor with a tired topic

This is another reason why picking a topic over the Internet is not a great idea. Try to think up an interesting topic that interests you as well as your teacher. If you find the topic interesting then you may do a better job through more thorough research and more concerted effort. Your teacher may also grade you a little higher because teachers are human and an interesting essay beats all those essays that cover the same thing.

The goal of this tip is to remind you that your professor/teacher is human. Your professor’s eyes glaze over and he or she thinks of what he or she could have been when a topic such as “capital punishment”, “911”, “the abortion issue”, “black people‘s rights”, “childhood vaccinations” are topics for your essay. No matter what view you take or opinion you have it is not going to help because your professor has seen it hundreds of times before.

Research first and then pick your topic

If you are really stuck for ideas then do a little research first. You may be surprised at just how much content is out there for certain issues. Browse your research sources until a certain subject jumps out at you. If you find it interesting as you research, then consider it for your essay topic. Again, remember that if you find the topic interesting then you will probably do a better job–or at the very least the writing period will not feel so much like work.

Call back to your topic and thesis as you write

Did you ever see the movie “Freddy vs. Jason?” It was made with stoners in mind because every ten minutes it spells out the plot. Do something similar in your essay, just do not do it so poorly. As you write, you should mention how what you just wrote affects the progression of your thesis (the progression of your investigation).

Be careful when you over-describe

Descriptive language is not a bad thing, but it is more at home in a narrative essay. You may need a fair amount of descriptive language in your expository essay as you describe the subject of your essay, but too much descriptive content may not help you score as highly as you think. Do not burn up too much word count on descriptive language.

How to shorten descriptive language to make your essay more concise

If you are serious about doing the previous tip correctly, then you need to learn how to squash together your descriptive words. Here is an example:

+ The long version
The mutated nut had a brown skin and was the size of a peanut. The skin on the nut feels a little like banana skin.

+ The concise version
The mutated nut was peanut sized with brown skin that had a banana skin texture.

Expository Essay Topics:

1. The World is better without Wikileaks
2. Advantages of a university career
3. Banning a book or product only provides it more publicity: True or false?
4. Higher education as a preparation for life
5. How to evaluate the educational value of sports
6. The causes and effects of impulse buying
7. What is homelessness? What causes people to be homeless?
8. The function of a university
9. What is an allergen? What is an allergic reaction?
10. The ways of showing appreciation to your parents
11. Mobile phones are both a boon and a bane for high school students
12. What are the long-term effects of global warming on the world’s oceans?
13. The division of Cyprus is a forgotten conflict
14. The role of the WHO in global heath
15. Math is a required subject. Why is it so important?
16. The benefits of owning a dog
17. Chinese companies have a competitive advantage over American companies
18. The causes of homelessness
19. human trait of exploration and adventure is related to great men
20. Young Adult Literature is becoming too clichéd
21. The value of taking a gap year
22. There is great imbalance in the justice system in the length of sentences handed out
23. How to craft a budget and stick to it
24. The pros and cons of school uniform
25. Easier cross border adoption would alleviate some of the developing world’s problems
26. Why children learn at different rates
27. How to be a smart consumer
28. Laziness equals poor grades
29. Green marketing methods
30. The best ways to prepare for a job interview
31. Same sex couples and the discriminations they face
32. The impact of not getting enough sleep
33. Why a manager is important to a business
34. The pros and cons of GMO
35. The importance of a car to teenagers
36. Describe the purposes of the Internet.
37. Usefulness of security cameras versus the invasion of privacy
38. How to select the best presidential candidate
39. How children can help in achieving a green home
40. Causes of and suggested solutions to the Pacific Trash Vortex
41. The Ramifications of World War II in Japan
42. The role of women in ancient literature
43. The benefits of having a family pet
44. The personal and societal problems that result from obesity
45. Career choices and current employment trends
46. The importance and influence of grandparents
47. Critique of various parenting styles
48. How manners have changed over time
49. The changes in communication in the last 20 years
50. Ways teachers could be more effective

Expository essay topics
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