How to Choose an Interesting Topic for an Informative Speech

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Choosing an interesting topic for an informative speech is half the battle for budding young speechmakers. Veterans can pluck them out of thin air and have a complete speech ready and waiting to go in 24 hours. For others, it isn’t so easy. It takes nothing more than technique and experience to properly bring up a topic. Learning these techniques requires specialist knowledge, though.

Begin acquiring your topic by looking into what you’re interested in. If you have no interest in what you’re talking about, neither will your audience. People can pick up passion. It’s almost like a sixth sense. When someone speaks enthusiastically about something they’re passionate about it makes people listen. Moreover, it’s easier to research something you genuinely want to know about.

Decide whether it’s suitable for the audience in question. If you have an interest in stamp collecting, for example, it’s probably not a good idea to perform an informative speech on it. If your audience isn’t intrigued the speech will fall flat, and you will lose points for it in the eyes of your examiners.

Make sure you can actually research the topic. If it’s a simple topic without much depth it won’t make a good interesting topic for an informative speech. The success of these speeches hinges on depth. It also harms your audience engagement. If your audience has nothing to ask, challenge, explore, or discuss when you’re finished speaking they’ll forget what you said as soon as you leave the room.

To help you in choosing a great topic for your next informative speech, here are 60 ideas you can use which will engage your audience, give you enough depth to inspire debate, and keep your listeners from falling asleep:

1. Neil Armstrong’s life.
2. The works of Sir Isaac Newton.
3. What impact has Oprah Winfrey had on the media?
4. History of the Roman Empire.
5. What caused Nazi Germany to lose the Second World War?
6. Keeping your Internet banking secure.
7. Facts about the computer.
8. The history of the Internet.
9. Why knowing about computing is so important.
10. The impact of the Internet on business.
11. How email enhances communication.
12. Living healthily as a computer professional.
13. The dangers of computer hacking.
14. Keeping your school safe from fire.
15. Stopping stress.
16. The effects of stress.
17. Why do teenagers sometimes commit suicide?
18. Is peer pressure a good thing?
19. Should single parents be allowed to bring up children?
20. Dealing with a bully.
21. Managing your time effectively.
22. Staying safe whilst travelling alone.
23. Should women travel alone?
24. Making money from a hobby.
25. Getting started with your first business.
26. Dealing with your first day at work.
27. How important is education?
28. Should young people invest your money?
29. Types of government funding for small businesses.
30. Creating a successful advertising campaign.
31. The impact of tsunamis on society.
32. The formation of clouds.
33. Should we allow some animals to go extinct?
34. Why do animals become extinct?
35. Ethical issues surrounding off-shore drilling.
36. Do ethics really matter in science?
37. How do black holes form?
38. Should we invest in space exploration?
39. The dangers of water pollution.
40. Why should we phase out plastic bags?
41. What are the main environmental issues of today?
42. Can science and religion mix?
43. Should religion have a role in politics?
44. Does religion have right to be treated as a type of science?
45. How does yoga relieve stress?
46. Does acupuncture work?
47. How Chinese herbal medicine have any use today?
48. Does meditation really calm your mind?
49. Types of yoga music.
50. Why quitting smoking is important.
51. The impact of music on the mind.
52. Why mental is just as important as physical health?
53. Exercises you can do at home.
54. Symptoms of an allergy to antibiotics.
55. How to hypnotise someone.
56. Male and female infertility.
57. The AIDS virus.
58. Second hand smoke.
59. How to find a friend.
60. Does luck exist?

How to Choose an Interesting Topic for an Informative Speech
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