How to use debate topics for high school

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Debating in high school is something that most students are going to have to deal with at some point. It is often used by teachers in order to measure learning, but can sometimes be just a fun activity. It often gives other children a time to shine, where popularity or sports prowess are not as important. Extrovert children are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with shy intellectual children and compete on a more level playing field. They are also able to use debate topics for high school as a means of gaining respect for something more than their looks, charisma or sporting talent.

It allows the child to think beyond the textbook

Setting up school debates is a good way of making children think about topics beyond their textbooks. It enables students not only to visualize topics, but also to explore topics beyond what is written in a book. It creates a situation where a child’s opinion is just as important as the things they read in books. By opening up topics and bringing them up for debate, a teacher is able to measure a student’s understanding of certain topics by hearing firsthand how the child has analyzed and concluded upon the information they were given.

Debates are an alternative way of testing children’s knowledge

There are many types of test in schools and the key to fair testing can only come if the child is tested in the number of ways. For example if all tests were conducted as written tests than the child with the best writing skills is going to automatically be at an advantage. Asking children to debate a topic will force them to research, analyze and conclude upon a certain subject. The arguments that the child makes will be a reflection upon how well the child has researched, analyzed and concluded upon the subject matter at hand. Debates may be a test that favors the more extrovert and people with good reasoning, however these tend to be the same children who are at a disadvantage when it comes to written tests.

1. Is Christianity an outdated religion?
2. Should we all be atheists?
3. Can religion and science ever work together?
4. Gambling is wrong and corrupts people.
5. Corruption is an inevitable side-effect of any political system.
6. Handwriting still has a place in the world.
7. Laptops are superior to desktop computers.
8. Religion and spirituality are really the same things.
9. Should parents try to teach their children at home instead of school?
10. Is regular milk harmful?
11. Can we really survive without eating meat products?
12. American cars are superior to foreign cars.
13. Renting is better than buying.
14. When a couple gets married they shouldn’t be allowed to divorce.
15. The American Civil War was an unnecessary conflict.
16. Slavery was justified and we shouldn’t apologize for it.
17. Should we encourage Israel and Palestine to unite into one country?
18. Ethical arguments are irrelevant when it comes to progress.
19. Dictatorships have always been more efficient.
20. Democracy doesn’t stop politicians from doing what they want.
21. Credit cards are dangerous as they encourage people to spend what they don’t have.
22. Getting into debt should be a criminal offense.
23. Love is a myth.
24. Should children be given more respect?
25. The legal age at which someone becomes an adult should be raised to 25.
26. Do school uniforms encourage children to mix?
27. Ghosts do exist.
28. Smoking isn’t harmful and people should be allowed to do it where they like.
29. Marijuana should be legalized.
30. Area 51 should be opened up to the public.
31. Centralized government is a superior form of governing the country.
32. Aliens are a myth created by the government.
33. Multiculturalism doesn’t work.
34. Should the school day be longer?
35. Should a religion have a certain number of members before we can consider it as a religion?
36. Watching too much television reduces your intelligence.
37. All children should undergo a course of sex education.
38. Video games are harmful and should be regulated heavily.
39. We should allow endangered species to go instinct.
40. We should work towards colonizing the moon.
41. Guns in America should be banned.
42. Police officers should have more power over citizens.
43. Can different cultures ever work together?
44. Condoms are too inefficient and risky for use in preventing pregnancy.
45. Teenagers shouldn’t have access to online chat rooms.
46. Mermaids don’t exist.
47. Should urban myths be considered a part of a race’s cultural history?
48. Schools shouldn’t have the legal right to sell junk food.
49. School magazines encourage students to get creative.
50. Teachers should work to promote creativity in the classroom.
51. Education is now too much about tests.
52. Military conscription should be reintroduced in America.
53. All college students should have to complete a mandatory six months of voluntary work.
54. Censorship is an important governmental tool.
55. The media has too much freedom and should be limited in what they can report on.
56. The government should have their own state-controlled newspaper.
57. Every child should be able to speak a second language.
58. The drinking age should be reduced to 16.
59. Do we need to make a parking fine a criminal offense?
60. Is obesity the world’s biggest problem?

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