How to write introduction in descriptive essay

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Your descriptive essay is going to define the bigger issues or points that your subject has. Your subject may be anything that your topic requires, which means it may be living, animate, inanimate, ethereal or even an idea or emotion. The limit to what you may write your descriptive essay about is often never-ending, but you are probably going to have your topic or your theme given to you. This article gives you advice for writing your introduction that you are not going to find elsewhere.

Consider what you want to get across

Simply stating that you are writing about a subject is not the same as considering what you want to get across. You can describe the same thing in numerous ways and get very different outcomes. You may wish to write an unbiased essay in which the reader is only informed and not influenced. This may be harder than you imagine, as people draw their own conclusions based on what they see and read. It may be influenced by something as minor as what order you present your facts.

Consider what you want to get across by what you want to communicate. What do you want the end result to be? If you simply wish to inform people, then you are going to have to plan to remove as much bias as you can, and bias starts within the introduction. Your introduction is the first impression the reader gets, which means you can set up a bias within the first sentence. Consider this and consider the effect your writing has when you create your introduction.

Plan your introduction like you plan your essay

This means you should be sure what points you wish to include, what the purpose of your introduction is and what bias you wish to set up. The purpose of your introduction may include winning people over, getting people to read, excluding those that are not your target audience and selling the idea of your descriptive essay.

It should grab the reader whilst being informative

Grabbing the reader is done with a bit of salesmanship, but you cannot withhold facts as a hook. Lines such as, “will it…?” and “Find out here…” are not welcome in your introduction. A hook is okay, but that hook cannot be that you have withheld information. You must be clear about what you are going to communicate within your essay but give enough information so that people can decide right away if they want to read on.

Mix attractiveness and informative

Communicate that you are excited about the essay and why others should be excited too. You are communicating about the content of your essay and not so much about the subject you are writing about.

Explain how deep into the rabbit hole you are going to go

Explain to your reader how much detail you have added to your essay. Let people know if your essay details the big issues or if it is a comprehensive rundown of all the major issues and sub-issues.

Give laypersons a clue as to the content

Write in simple terms for the layperson because they may like to read your essay too. Do not dumb it down, but do assume that your reader may not be well versed in the subject you picked. You do not have to do this for the rest of the essay, but it is desirable if you write for the layperson in your introduction.

Explain the detail you are going into in the place of esoteric language

As previously mentioned, your introduction should not be an esoteric mess of buzzwords and acronyms. However, this may deter the reader that is very advanced in your subject/topic, so explain the detail you are going in to so that the advanced reader may see if you are producing a “Hungry Caterpillar” or a “Lord of the Rings” essay.

Do not be afraid of being exclusive if the need calls for it

Contrary to the previous point, if your essay, topic or overarching task requires you to be exclusive, then do not be afraid of pushing away readers. For example, if you were writing a descriptive essay for a political group, then you may wish to write just for that group and scare away members of other groups.

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