Interesting Informative Speech Topics

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Picking interesting informative speech topics isn’t easy. Too often, you look at a list of informative speech topics and it doesn’t give you a general view of the ideas you want. It’s too niche and often doesn’t apply to your specific subject. Choosing good informative speech topics is perhaps the hardest thing a student will ever have to contend with.

Start by addressing what you’re being asked to do. If you decided to perform a speech on one of your dreams, a demonstrative speech wouldn’t allow you to do this. It’s always best to get some clarification from the person asking you to do the speech. Ask what type of informative speech they want. Informational speech topics have to fit this mould or they’ll appear out of place.

Ensure you foster some debate and question. You don’t want to pick informative speech topics which don’t encourage any form of audience interaction. The worst thing you can possibly do is complete a speech and not open the floor to queries. The most successful speechmakers get the audience to talk about what they just heard instantly.

Speaking about a subject straight after a speech helps reinforce the main points in the audience’s mind. This is how to promote learning, and it’s what successful speeches do.

Think about your audience. Don’t make the mistake of picking something which doesn’t encourage them to speak up and challenge your ideas. If your audience was a group of teachers you could explore deep and complex topics, but attempting to do the same in front of your classmates would only lead to a room of confused faces.

If you follow all of these tips, you can create a memorable speech which will resonate.

Here are a few topics to get on with, in the meantime:

1. How does Internet advertising work?
2. Is Internet advertising more effective than TV advertising?
3. Should Internet advertising conform to the same standards as radio and TV advertising?
4. The concept of AIDS.
5. The prevention methods of AIDS.
6. Is gun control the right way to go?
7. Should civilians have the right to bear arms?
8. The rise of Adolf Hitler.
9. Josef Stalin’s childhood.
10. What caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
11. Who really killed Genghis Kahn?
12. All-time favourite book.
13. Favourite movie.
14. Nuclear weapons and their development.
15. What to do in a fire.
16. The abolition of slavery.
17. The Triangle Trade.
18. Russia’s transformation into the Soviet Union.
19. America’s role in World War Two.
20. The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.
21. The discovery of the Higgs Boson molecule.
22. Space exploration to Mars.
23. Is it right to spend billions of dollars in foreign aid?
24. The inventions of Benjamin Franklin.
25. The importance of a healthy diet.
26. How exercise influences the body.
27. Why is beauty so important in society?
28. School uniform.
29. How homework helps students.
30. Strawberries and antioxidants.
31. Action on global warming.
32. The advantages of learning a foreign language.
33. Your life’s ambition.
34. Robotics.
35. Why prohibition didn’t work.
36. The role of religion in society.
37. The ethical debate over human cloning.
38. Controversy over abortion.
39. The life and works of Mark Twain.
40. The dangers of weightlifting.
41. Why soccer is so popular.
42. Enforcing animal rights.
43. The debate over national security and personal freedoms.
44. The first female Prime Minister of Great Britain – Margaret Thatcher.
45. Drug addiction.
46. Alcohol addiction.
47. The dispute over the Falkland Islands.
48. The concept of isolationism.
49. The history of North Korea.
50. Israel’s relationship with the US.
51. What do you do in your spare time?
52. How to make a sandwich.
53. What should you do in a natural disaster?
54. The war over whaling.
55. Poverty in America.
56. The history of the Oscars.
57. Describe something you’re afraid of.
58. How yoga benefits the human body.
59. How sickness prevention has evolved.
60. The impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Interesting Informative Speech Topics
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