Sports debates: find out sports debate topics

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Sports debates are very good because they can become very structured and organized. A sports debate topic has very defined parameters. The first are the rules of the sport, along with codes of conduct for the sport. Then any other evidence that is needed is available within the game itself. For example, if the debate is about a single match, then all the evidence that is needed is present within time from the game starting and game finishing. Even a person who has no sport experience can join in just as long as he/she is aware of the rules and code of conduct.

Sports debates allow people to clearly define parameters

The parameters can be everything within a certain tournament or a certain sports match. This will help to exclude things such as the personal life or character of players. It also excludes things from other matches. On the other hand, you can include things from other matches, or the player’s personal life, the point is that you can clearly define such parameters when you debate sports.

You can set up debates to function like sports matches

For example, you could have a debate referee, and you can even negotiate signals that tell people when to stop talking. You can even having things such as timed speeches and timed responses, and even set up a scoreboard.

Sports debates make research finite

One of the worst things about some debates is that they can literally go on forever. In a chaos theory-esk manner, a person is able to pull apart a topic into tiny pieces, and examine how each small piece affects the whole. Essentially, the research on many debate topics is never ending if you try to consider every possible angle. This is less likely during sports debates, because the parameters are clearly defined, and many debates happen within the confines of a certain match, season or tournament.

Sports debate topics:

1. Women should be paid the same as men in sports.
2. Female sporting events are a joke.
3. Men should play alongside women.
4. UFC is barbaric and should be illegal.
5. Is MMA a sport of just an organized fight?
6. MMA should be legalized in all US states.
7. Steroids should be allowed in professional sports.
8. The Olympics is failing at curbing steroid use.
9. Girls shouldn’t play sports.
10. Men are naturally better at sports than women.
11. Black people can never become global superstars.
12. White people make better top sportspeople than black people.
13. The lack of Asian people in sports highlights global sports’ failure at diversity.
14. Cheaters should be stripped of any titles they won.
15. If someone was found to have cheated they should be banned for life.
16. Drug bans should only last for the duration of the original event.
17. The Olympics are a waste of money.
18. Only commercially viable sports should appear at the Olympics.
19. Professional sports like football and tennis shouldn’t appear at the Olympics.
20. Do we need to start expanding popular sports like baseball and American Football around the world?
21. All sports should have video referees.
22. Coaches in every sport should be able to challenge the call on the field.
23. Professional sportspeople are paid too much money.
24. Sports fights are a disgrace to sports.
25. Controversy is a vital part of sports’ appeal.
26. Government should be able to abolish sports on the grounds of boredom.
27. No foreign players should be allowed to enter the country purely to play a sport.
28. All children should have to play a sport by law.
29. The government needs to promote sport at all levels.
30. Sport is the answer to the world’s obesity problems.
31. Playing a sport causes people to become unnecessarily competitive.
32. Aggression is a vital part of sports.
33. All children shouldn’t be given a medal or trophy for participating in a sporting event.
34. Sport has lost its importance within schools.
35. Is the defense or the goalkeeper more important in soccer?
36. Sportsmanship is an outdated concept.
37. The NFL should allow London to possess a franchise.
38. Fishing and hunting sports are cruel to animals.
39. Blood sports shouldn’t be abolished if they’re a part of a country’s national culture.
40. Sport can be used as an important bonding tool.
41. Politicians can use sanctioned sporting competitions in order to forge relationships with other nations.
42. We should make cuts to the sporting budget in times of economic austerity.
43. Governing bodies should implement retrospective bans for cheaters.
44. Athletes need to do more in the community.
45. Top sportspeople have no right to a private life.
46. Sporting brawls should be criminal offenses.
47. Concussion rules have ruined many contact sports.
48. Contact sports are too dangerous.
49. Padded gloves do nothing but encourage boxers to punch harder to injure their opponents.
50. National sporting governing bodies should be combined into one huge world governing body.
51. All funding for sports should be voluntary.
52. Sporting clubs shouldn’t be allowed to make a profit.
53. Sanctioned sports should be controlled by the state.
54. Every sport should have both male and female options.
55. Should age be a barrier to sporting participation?
56. Passionate parents add to the enjoyment of child sports.
57. Referees deserve more respect in all areas of sport.
58. Players should be picked only on ability not on inclusion.
59. Is winning everything?
60. Should you be made to feel awful if you lose in sports?

Sports debates: find out sports debate topics
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